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"Headlights" Premieres as Track Of The Day on CLASH music

"Just For Tonight" Music Video Premieres on The 405

"Medusa" Premieres on Wonderland Magazine

"Just For Tonight" Premieres on CLASH music

"Just For Tonight" Fresh On The Net Fave

Guardian Article

Evening Standard Article

RingMaster Review

The Upcoming Review



'Grace Savage is probably one of the most impressive artists in the game right now' (Wonderland) 


'This could turn into something quite special' (CLASH)


'Electro-pop as vibrant as the light she dances under' (THE405)


'SO talented and making such ridiculously great songs, we're consistently blown away by Grace Savage's tracks' (BBC Introducing)


'One of my favourite discoveries of 2017...super talented vocalist' (Amazing Radio)


'She delivers enthralling songs crafted with sophistication and finesse' (Unsigned Guide, Spotlight)


'The track exudes personality and individual style' (Fresh on The Net)


‘Extraordinary oral effects’ (Telegraph)


‘The plosive bandishments of Grace Savage…you’ll rub your eyes in disbelief’ (Independent)


‘Staggering Beatboxing’ (The Metro)


‘Grace Savage’s extraordinary expertise in beatboxing...mesmerising’ (The Guardian)


‘Grace Savage Beatboxes with Jaw-dropping power’ (London Evening Standard)


‘The pièce de résistance was a phenomenal female beatboxer, Grace Savage’ (Telegraph)


 ‘Incredible vocal gymnastics and great songs...Grace is immensely talented…she will definitely be one to watch in future’ (Backstagepass)


‘Savage is witty and ingenious’ (Exeunt magazine)


‘Fantastic beats and sounds while singing beautifully…a girl turning into optimus prime before your eyes and ears is something to behold’ (


‘The first track was sensational and the power she demonstrated not to forget the melodic beauty, quite sensational’ (ringmaster review)


‘Grace Savage is an artist to keep a close ear upon for she will undoubtedly be huge at some point’ (Ringmaster review)




‘Rita Ora had to compete with brilliant sets from Grace Savage and Katy B’ (pop scoop)


‘it’s surprising that only Rita Ora, Katy B and Grace Savage stood out amidst so much talent’…’You find you’re incapable of not moving to the rhythm she creates’….’her short, wide-ranging set proves more engaging than most of the more mainstream acts’ (The Upcoming)