So my last blog post was in FEBRUARY. That is seven months ago. I really must get better at this consistency thing. Soz for all the (two) people who read this blog. I will try and update monthly from now on. SO I brought out my first EP (woohoo), it's called "Savage Grace" and I will be performing songs from it on my first ever solo tour of the UK, which starts in Birmingham next week (eeee)! 

I can now officially announce that I have made it through to the "Salute Music Makers TOP 100" stage and was selected by. panel of judges from over 2,500 entries. The winner gets the grand prize of £50,000 and 5 runners up get £10,000 each - officially the largest scale online competition for unsigned artist in the world. They have quite a nifty little voting system too - where the audience interact with a AI bot via Facebook messenger to curate playlists in which they choose their favourite songs. It's more like a Eurovision points system than a one-vote X-Factor approach.

All you need to do to take part is click on this link http://m.me/salutemusicuk and join up - when you see my song come through (they release ten new songs every four days) make sure to put it at the top of your playlist!

That's it. Let's go #TeamSavage !