Emailing from my bed in NYC with a cup of coffee, a snowstorm outside the window, NBA on the TV, Frank Ocean on the sound system, stinking hangover all over my face. I'm in New York baby! This is my second time in this beautiful, hectic city but the first time that I have been performing as a solo artist. One things I've learned from my first gig - NEVER do a gig the day after you arrive in a new city with a significantly different time zone. Jet Lag + Performing = Constant weird sickly state of anxiety. HOWEVER, I was very kindly delivered a "glass" of tequila on stage to help me through from the bar man...and it definitely helped. My favourite conversation that I encountered from that night  (in a swanky members club) went a little something like this...

Me: "Hi, which floor is your restaurant on?" 

Girl:  "4th floor. It's a Vegetarian restaurant...but the main feature is Duck" 

Me:  "Oh...so...it's not really a VEGETARIAN restaurant then?" 

Girl:  "Yeah like...we have vegetarian sides"

Guy (who's been eyeballing me silently this whole time):  "IT'S A CONCEPT"

Me: "Right. That's quite an abstract concept isn't it? lol? lol guys? that's funny right? you see how that's funny though? Right? Guys?" 

No laughter. I guess British sarcasm gets a bit lost on them American hipsters.

My SECOND favourite thing that happened was last night at my Sofar Sounds gig. I had arrived to set up my loop station and realised that I had forgotten my 'English to American' adaptor. Cue panic and running around the streets trying to find a shop that was open and sold obscure european adaptor parephenalia....ten minutes later...I FOUND ONE! HURRAH! But I only have $30 in my FANNY PACK! OH it's $29.99! Panic over! Perfect! *Goes to counter, out of breath and wide eyed*  "That'll be $32.65" - TAX! Fuck socks! I forgot about the bloody tax thing! After some rambling and bumbling and flustering, the girl behind the counter took pity on me and gets $5 out of her purse and says "I'll cover you hunny". I wanted to KISS HER FACE. how nice is that? What an absolute babe. I don't know what people mean when they talk about "harsh New Yorkers", that was one of the nicest things a stranger has ever done for me and she fully saved my ass. I didn't even get her name but I'm gonna return to that shop this weekend and write a card for that wonderful kind hearted life saver of a lady. 

Moral of the story. Love Trumps Hate. Adaptors are important when gigging abroad. I'm a bumbling idiot.