Big News!


So my last blog post was in FEBRUARY. That is seven months ago. I really must get better at this consistency thing. Soz for all the (two) people who read this blog. I will try and update monthly from now on. SO I brought out my first EP (woohoo), it's called "Savage Grace" and I will be performing songs from it on my first ever solo tour of the UK, which starts in Birmingham next week (eeee)! 

I can now officially announce that I have made it through to the "Salute Music Makers TOP 100" stage and was selected by. panel of judges from over 2,500 entries. The winner gets the grand prize of £50,000 and 5 runners up get £10,000 each - officially the largest scale online competition for unsigned artist in the world. They have quite a nifty little voting system too - where the audience interact with a AI bot via Facebook messenger to curate playlists in which they choose their favourite songs. It's more like a Eurovision points system than a one-vote X-Factor approach.

All you need to do to take part is click on this link and join up - when you see my song come through (they release ten new songs every four days) make sure to put it at the top of your playlist!

That's it. Let's go #TeamSavage !



First solo gigs in NYC


Emailing from my bed in NYC with a cup of coffee, a snowstorm outside the window, NBA on the TV, Frank Ocean on the sound system, stinking hangover all over my face. I'm in New York baby! This is my second time in this beautiful, hectic city but the first time that I have been performing as a solo artist. One things I've learned from my first gig - NEVER do a gig the day after you arrive in a new city with a significantly different time zone. Jet Lag + Performing = Constant weird sickly state of anxiety. HOWEVER, I was very kindly delivered a "glass" of tequila on stage to help me through from the bar man...and it definitely helped. My favourite conversation that I encountered from that night  (in a swanky members club) went a little something like this...

Me: "Hi, which floor is your restaurant on?" 

Girl:  "4th floor. It's a Vegetarian restaurant...but the main feature is Duck" 

Me:  "'s not really a VEGETARIAN restaurant then?" 

Girl:  "Yeah like...we have vegetarian sides"

Guy (who's been eyeballing me silently this whole time):  "IT'S A CONCEPT"

Me: "Right. That's quite an abstract concept isn't it? lol? lol guys? that's funny right? you see how that's funny though? Right? Guys?" 

No laughter. I guess British sarcasm gets a bit lost on them American hipsters.

My SECOND favourite thing that happened was last night at my Sofar Sounds gig. I had arrived to set up my loop station and realised that I had forgotten my 'English to American' adaptor. Cue panic and running around the streets trying to find a shop that was open and sold obscure european adaptor parephenalia....ten minutes later...I FOUND ONE! HURRAH! But I only have $30 in my FANNY PACK! OH it's $29.99! Panic over! Perfect! *Goes to counter, out of breath and wide eyed*  "That'll be $32.65" - TAX! Fuck socks! I forgot about the bloody tax thing! After some rambling and bumbling and flustering, the girl behind the counter took pity on me and gets $5 out of her purse and says "I'll cover you hunny". I wanted to KISS HER FACE. how nice is that? What an absolute babe. I don't know what people mean when they talk about "harsh New Yorkers", that was one of the nicest things a stranger has ever done for me and she fully saved my ass. I didn't even get her name but I'm gonna return to that shop this weekend and write a card for that wonderful kind hearted life saver of a lady. 

Moral of the story. Love Trumps Hate. Adaptors are important when gigging abroad. I'm a bumbling idiot. 




New Website


This is my first blog! *does obligatory blog ritual dance* 

I suppose I'll keep it short and sweet as i'm not too sure about this blogging etiquette yet. I made this website all on my ones and i'm actually quite proud of it...if you knew how crap I am at technology computer type things (or if you saw the state of my last website) then you would be proud of me too. The process has involved a lot of swearing and hitting the laptop screaming "BUT WHY DOESN'T THAT BUTTON DO WHAT I WANT IT TO DO?!" but I got there in the end and thank the Lord SquareSpace know what they are doing because they have actually made it look like something semi-professional with their beautiful in-built designs. I highly recommend them if you wanna build your own website. 

So, have a look around, browse the might notice a lot of "pledge here" buttons on your journey..I maybe went a bit overkill on that, did I mention I was doing a pledge music campaign? I am. You should go and check it out, I've got merchandise! Actual, real Grace Savage merchandise that you can buy - The logo was designed by my best mate and talented lady Chloe Alyssa Strudwick and the ArtWork by the wonderful Joanna Layla. Check them both out if you are looking for artwork and logo designs. 

That's it. I'll be back with actual news about something soon...

OH! I forgot to say, I found out yesterday that I got selected for the Emerging Artist Fund! From 110 applicants they chose six artists to help in their new musical projects, which includes financial and mentoring support. So THAT'S exciting. Makes a change from the countless number of rejection letters I have received from funding organisations  over the years...just goes to show, if you are persistent with these things, you may get rejected 100 times before you are successful but eventually something will pay off. It basically means that if I reach my pledge target (did you know I was doing a pledge campaign?) then they will TOP-UP the funds with some extra casheeesh which means I can finally get around to planning a little UK tour to some and see y'all this summer! 

The future is bright, the future is orange

Lots of love